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Sep 18, 2022

During the final weeks of the summer, the Institute of Intellectual History brings a series of new interviews with leading intellectual historians about their career and work in intellectual history. 

In this sixth interview, we present a conversation with Maria Rosa Antognazza.

Maria Rosa Antognazza is a professor of Philosophy at King’s College London. Her research interests include the history of philosophy, epistemology and the philosophy of religion, including the relationship between science and religion. She has published extensively on early modern philosophy and specifically on Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Notably, her book Leibniz - An Intellectual Biography (CUP, 2009) was the winner of the 2010 Pfizer award. More recently, she was awarded the 2019-2020 Mind Senior Research Fellowship for work on her book Thinking with Assent: Renewing a Traditional Account of Knowledge and Belief (forthcoming with Oxford University Press).